Hello, I'm Carrie

Founder of FewerFasterBolder


Meetings matter greatly to me because real people spend so much time in them. They are a huge white space for improvement. That's why I brought together 20 years of working in organisational culture change and my PhD in systems thinking to transform how we think about meetings. Many organisations have tried to improve their meetings with limited gains. My research shows that we need to address the system, not just the meeting and that's exactly what FewerFasterBolder does.

The science behind FewerFasterBolder


FewerFasterBolder is anchored in research conducted by Dr Carrie Goucher at the University of Cambridge. Her research was described as ‘game changing for meeting science’ by characterising meetings as a complex, systems problem and helping to explain why meetings have resisted improvement for so long. 

Carrie's studies reveal what underpins successful meetings: culture, behaviours and many interlinked factors outside of the meeting itself. Her research shows that on their own, surface-level tools like agendas have little impact on how effective a meeting is.

FewerFasterBolder is a practical, intuitive toolkit which addresses what really makes meetings worth the time. It goes deeper to tackle what's going on under the surface and focuses effort on what has a profound impact - not only on the meeting but on outcomes and relationships back in the real world.

Our philosophy
Photo of Leanne Davies in a pink shirt
Lead facilitator

Leanne Davies

Leanne is a hugely experienced facilitator, workshop designer and trainer. She is warm and deeply knowledgeable and a true learning adventurer.

Her qualifications include a degree in Industrial Psychology & Sociology and a further BA (Hons) in Group Dynamics, She also has a CMA Level 5 award in Management Coaching & Mentoring.

Leanne is an extremely popular FewerFasterBolder facilitator with an average score of 4.9/5 in workshop feedback.

 Our mission 


Provide the motivation to invest in meetings mastery by making the cost of poor and mediocre meetings transparent and championing their incredible potential for productivity and transformation.

Break meeting gridlock so there is enough time to do fewer meetings better

Give people the maturity of understanding to judge the right words and actions before, during and after a meeting

Provide a bank of techniques and words that would fuel every new meeting master in (almost) every scenario

Fight for fewer, faster and bolder meetings for all, as a contributor to wellbeing and satisfaction at work


Change your organisation

FewerFasterBolder used to be LoMo Meetings



If FewerFasterBolder is ringing bells - you're not imagining it. Carrie started working on meetings with a product called LoMo Meetings - when she was known as Carrie Bedingfield. 

LoMo Meetings was known for its meeting canvases (canva?!) and if you're interested in exploring these, please do get in touch.