Stop wasting precious time in mediocre meetings

We need fewer meetings and we need them to be faster - and also to go deeper to address what matters. Finally, an approach to meetings based on science.

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  Meet faster, go deeper and reclaim your week.

Time to relearn meetings and reclaim them as the fantastic catalysts for progress and trust they deserve to be.

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Unlearn industrial era meetings

Internal meetings waste time on a grand scale. Most of what we are told about improving them isn’t useful and comes from the industrial era. 

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Get out of meeting gridlock

Rebalance the working week, finding an equilibrium between collaboration time in meetings and deep work time.

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Master group work

Lead, don't run meetings. Meet with precision and humanity. Develop maturity of judgment.


Lead Fewer, Faster, Bolder meetings

Discover the simple, evidence-based method for transforming how you lead meetings, designed for the collaborative era.

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FewerFasterBolder for teams

Transform time, trust and productivity in your team with a tailored workshop, unlimited access to the e-course plus a team template and resource pack.

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Organisational change programme

Time to get serious about meetings. A complete set of workshops, unlimited access to the meeting host e-course, exec team training and full communication plan and template pack.

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Praise for FewerFasterBolder

from mangers, teams and organisations like yours.

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"New ideas are explained simply and in their context. Very engaging and useful."

Managing Director of small business
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"Different and powerful ways to look at things we take for granted in meetings."

HR lead
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"FewerFasterBolder works! A simple, unique perspective which is a far cry from the list of procedures normally provided for running meetings."

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