Transform meeting culture, forever


Our research shows that meetings are deeply embedded in organisational culture and ways of working. That's why mediocre meetings persist, despite a lot of effort to improve them.

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Change your meetings, change your culture

We can deliver a complete cultural change programme at scale including across geographies - or we can provide you with the building blocks to spark your own change. The exciting news is that a true shift to a "fewer, faster, bolder" meeting culture will help you develop a fast, agile, self-responsible culture. Change your meetings, change your culture.  

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Redesigning and rethinking meetings


We'll take cohorts of your people through a our signature one-day workshop - and a simplified and practical version of the e-course. We'll enable your team to unlearn industrial style meeting approaches, develop master level skills in leading group work and redesign your organisation's meetings together.

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Tasked with shifting meeting culture in your organisation? Meetings can resist change so you'll need to act as a changemaker. We will:

  • Help you transform meetings systematically across your organisation
  • Develop a communication plan to inspire and support the transition
  • Deliver a full change programme - or provide templates, content and examples to help you do this yourself
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Enrolling leaders


The approach of your leadership team to meetings and the example they set will make or break your meeting transformation.

We will enrol your leaders in the core philosophy and brief them on their crucial role.

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