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It doesn't matter how many great agendas you write, meetings problems arise from culture and behaviours, not processes. Gain mastery in leading, not running meetings.


Release your people from meeting gridlock 


If the people you are responsible for are gummed up with meetings and struggling to do their 'real work', this course will help you release them. Restore their capacity and energy with intelligent techniques that work in busy organisations.

This introductory e-course addresses the 'Fewer' in FewerFasterBolder, helping you reduce meeting load for you and your team and get out of gridlock.

1 module   |  13 bite-size lessons  |  39 minutes of learning

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Lead FewerFasterBolder meetings: coming 
September 2022

Everything you need to know about breaking free of meeting gridlock and transforming the meetings you do need - and your team's performance. Three hours packed with powerful, practical content to make fast, bold meetings a reality.

6 modules  |  38 bite-size lessons  |  3 hours of learning

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One-day workshop

FewerFasterBolder meetings for meeting leaders

Rethink and redesign your meetings in a one-day interactive experience, ideal for groups of 12 from the same organisation. We can join you in person or via Zoom.

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