The  philosophy

Meetings haven't changed much since the industrial era. But the world has. Time for a new meeting philosophy.

More space

Teams are in meeting gridlock. Working on multiple collaborative projects equals a whole lot of meetings and not enough time to think and create.

We need to recalibrate our working week, rebalancing meeting time and deep work time. Fewer, faster meetings create much needed space.

More precision

We facilitate meetings on auto-pilot, often with minimal thought and preparation. More clarity and thoughtful structure is a low investment for a powerful gain.

More compassion

Meetings are packed full of human beings who want to contribute, connect, make progress and feel valued. Understand and serve the human needs in the room to get to the heart of what matters. 

Self responsibility

What happens in the meeting tells everyone how to behave out of the meeting. Use an adult-to-adult approach in your meetings to cultivate a durable culture of self-responsibility and trust.