Fix meetings for good in 3 hours

The game-changing e-course for everyone who is ready to address death by meetings and transform their working life.

A fresh, agile, science-based approach to meetings: e-course coming Sept '22

If you are ready to reclaim your working life from the grip of mediocre meetings, this e-course provides everything you need to know to break free of meeting gridlock and meet better and faster. 

6 modules  |  38 bite-size lessons  |  3 hours of self-paced learning

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Who this course is for

This e-course was loving created for:

  • everyone who runs internal meetings
  • managers, team leaders and project leaders
  • leaders who want to tackle meeting gridlock

What you will learn

We are committed to enabling you to:

  • Master a fresh mindset to meetings, rooted in agile, human ways of working and systems thinking

  • Rebalance your team's diaries to make space for deep work

  • Empower participants and 100% engagement

  • Get to what matters quickly without going round in circles or politely  skimming the surface

  • Transform your meeting culture, forever

What this course is based on

Dr Carrie Goucher's research at Cambridge University showed that meeting problems are best solved by addressing culture, behaviour and context - not just writing more agendas.

It's also influenced by:

  • Systems thinking and design thinking
  • Agility and lean thinking
  • The knowledge and participation era
  • Open space technology and unconferences
  • Clean communication, radical candour and servant leadership

The six techniques

This is a comprehensive guides to rethinking, relearning meetings providing you with the skills and judgment to transform your meetings and your performance.

Refreshing. Simple. Life-changing?!

"I spend so much time in meetings and I really didn't think there was much I could do to make them better but this course shifted my mindset completely. Now I understand what's going on and I have a simple toolkit to draw on, my working life is transformed. I didn't realise how much frustrating meetings had been getting me down. It's like Carrie is whispering in my ear - I know what to do and what to say. Before, we were just skimming the surface in meetings. Now we get to the bottom of things fast. I feel like I'm now the person I want to be at work and I'm earning more respect from my colleagues every day. Can't recommend the e-course highly enough. I go back to it again and again and use the templates and conversation guides on a daily basis."

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