Lead Fewer, Faster, Bolder Meetings 

If you love collaboration but hate meetings, there is another way. Discover the simple, evidence-based method for transforming how you lead meetings, designed for the collaborative era.

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Lead fewer, faster, bolder meetings ecourse


Discover the breakthrough, evidence-based method for transforming your meetings

Meetings were designed for the industrial era - but they are not a match for the collaborative era. Learn the psychology of great collaborative work and apply the FewerFasterBolder mindset, formats and techniques for a meeting transformation. Engagement, accountability, trust and action - without wasted time and frustration. 

9 modules in bite-size lessons  |  3 hours self-paced learning 
| toolkit and template library

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Who this course is for

This e-course was lovingly created for people who run meetings where:

  • The organisation is moving fast
  • Success relies on collaborating across teams
  • Hybrid working is still bedding in, with some unanswered questions about meetings
  • Everyone is in too many meetings already
  • Teams are under pressure to deliver
  • There is hardly space to breathe between meetings and deadlines

What you will learn

We are committed to enabling you to:

  • Master the psychology behind meetings and trigger positive behaviours

  • Rebalance meeting load to make space for 'heads down' work

  • Empower everyone who attends to fully contribute their insights and take full responsibility 

  • Get to what really matters quickly without talking in circles

  • Leverage our meeting structures to get the engagement and outcomes you need - template library included

  • Capture the value of the session and ensure it works hard outside the meeting

The evidence-base

Dr Carrie Goucher's research at Cambridge University showed that meeting problems are best solved by addressing specific cultural, behavioural and structural factors - not just writing agendas.

It's also influenced by:

  • Agile and lean thinking
  • The knowledge and participation era
  • Open space technology and unconferences
  • Clean communication, radical candour and servant leadership
  • Systems thinking and design thinking

The six techniques

This programme is a comprehensive guide to rethinking and relearning meetings providing you with the skills, tools and judgment to transform your meetings - and your team's performance.

Praise for the FewerFasterBolder method


“It was a really engaging programme, delivered fantastically well, with so much to think about!” 
"Meetings are such a challenge for us and this was the most useful programme I have done in 20 years..."
GG, CEO, scale up
"The programme was excellent. Carrie delivered a well paced course with helpful material and links to use. Would definitely recommend."