The one day workshop

For up to 12 people from the same organisation.

FewerFasterBolder meetings in a day

The FewerFasterBolder workshop is a one-day experience and a simplified, more applied version of the e-course. In one day, your team will unlearn industrial style meeting approaches, build their skills and confidence and redesign their meetings together.

We can also run this workshop as four 90-minute sessions.

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Who this workshop is for

This workshop has been specifically designed for groups of people from the same organisation, including:

  • Those leading meetings as a core part of their role
  • Leaders and managers who want to use their team’s time more effectively
  • Project managers who need their team to be more self responsible, faster and more productive

What you will learn:

  • Understand why industrial era meeting techniques don’t work in a collaborative environment where things are changing all the time.
  • Get to grips with some of the psychology of meeting behaviour… so you know what to say in every situation.
  • Explore and experience new formats for different types of meetings
  • Learn how to hear all voices in a meeting and enable everyone to put ego aside and work together more effectively.
  • Learn collaborative techniques that you could use immediately to improve any meeting.
  • Redesign a meeting you’d like to improve and test it live to get immediate feedback.
  • The art of not having meetings - have fewer meetings, get out of diary gridlock and find space to breathe in the working week again.

Results you can expect:

  • Reduce current meeting time by 30-50% – Ricoh managers reduced theirs by 75% in the first 6 weeks.
  • Improve the quality of meetings dramatically – sharper discussions and outcomes, no more circles and rabbit holes.
  • Build better relationships and more trust though clearer and less frustrating interactions with colleagues in meetings.
  • Get to the heart of what really matters sooner and make good decisions and logical trade offs.

Complements approaches such as:

  •  Agile and Lean
  •  Holacracy
  • Open space technology and Unconferences
  • Lean start-up
  • Clean communication, radical candour and servant leadership
  • Managing Your Chimp, Steve Peters style

Praise for the one-day workshop


Senior manager

"FewerFasterBolder works! A simple, unique perspective which is a far cry from the list of procedures we are normally given for running meetings."

HR leader

"Different and powerful ways to look at things we take for granted in meetings. I can already see my colleagues using it with great impact."

Head of function

"New ideas are explained simply and in their context. Very engaging and useful."