Meeting Pioneers cohort 2023.

Let's fix meeting culture together.

I'm looking for three organisations to join a pioneer cohort and make real, measureable impact on their collaboration efficiency. 

Power up meetings and free 50% of time and talent back to the business 

Hands up if:

  • Getting a meeting in diaries takes weeks
  • There's too much talking, too, too little engagement, or lack of trust bubbles under the surface...
  • Meanwhile, progress is slow, decisions aren't made and milestones slip
  • Tackling meetings feels like a mammoth task when no one wants 'Another Thing'
  • You're not sure how to handle meetings as part of a wider cultural shift to hybrid, more agile working.

Join our 2023 Meeting Culture Pioneers cohort to shift your organisation's meeting culture - with our evidence-based approach, crucially designed for the collaborative era.

The cohort will start in late April 2023.

Learn, explore, contribute, share the journey with others. Transform your meeting culture.

meeting culture pioneers programme

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Missed the discovery webinars? 

Watch this 5-minute catch up.

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How might the cohort work?

We'll co-design the final format in the discovery webinars - but the mix is likely to include live workshops in which we explore a roadmap for meeting transformation together, some short e-learning on key concepts in between workshops, 1:1s with Carrie, a forum for private typed discussion throughout and a toolkit of resources to make it easy to make change happen.

Series of 90-minute live sessions

Learn and discover together a road for meeting culture change with Dr Carrie Goucher and interactive action learning with peers.

Online learning and 1:1s with Carrie between workshops

Partner 1:1 with Carrie throughout, with detailed feedback on your specific meeting challenges.

Plus unlimited Q&A via group chat with Carrie and your cohort members.

Changemaker toolkit

Tools, resources and templates to kickstart change - ready to customise:

- comms plan and content
- meeting format playbook
- examples and templates for everything discussed in the live sessions

Is this programme for you?

This programme was lovingly created to enable you to realise the business case for meeting culture transformation: 

  • Leaders who want to improve meetings across their teams
  • Business owners determined to stop wasting precious resources in meetings
  • Members of working groups looking at meeting culture
  • Senior managers working in organisational design, culture change and ways of working

 What's the busines case?


The programme will help you to deliver and track the following, at a fraction of the cost of a consulting project.

Reduce waste / free up resources

  • Reduce time in unproductive meetings by 50%
  • Demonstrate release of wasted resources back into the business

Improve pace and performance

  • Increase meeting ‘sharpness’ i.e. better, clearer, sooner decisions *
  • Up the pace of the organisation e.g. hitting key milestones

Retain and empower employees

  • Reduce employee burnout from frustrating meetings
  • Contribute to the reduction of absence and unwanted leavers

Is your organisation ready?

To get the most out of this programme, you will need to be:

  • Working on meeting culture (not just your own meetings)
  • Shifting towards a more collaborative, coaching-led and psychologically safe culture as an organisation
  • Keen to embrace sophisticated, adult-to-adult ways of working - this programme is not about doubling down on meeting  agendas and taking minutes

Praise for FewerFasterBolder

“It was a really engaging programme, delivered fantastically well, with so much to think about!” 
"Meetings are such a challenge for us and this was the most useful programme I have attended in 20 years..."
"The sessions were excellent. Carrie delivered a well paced course with helpful material and links to use. Would definitely recommend."