Too many.
Too long.
Too much talking.
Too little action.


Together, we'll¬†kickstart¬†a shift in your meeting culture in¬†12 weeks ūüéČ

Join my next Meeting Pioneers programme to:

  • get your people out of wasted meeting time
  • make serious progress in every meeting
  • prevent¬†good people from burning out

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Meeting Pioneers: a step-by-step programme to get your people out of mediocre meetings

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"Meeting Pioneers has felt like a game-changer for us"

~ The incredible, ethical bank Triodos Bank (a B Corp)

ūüĎȬ† ¬†READ: How Triodos Bank freed people from mediocre meetings¬†

Hi, I'm Carrie ūüĎč

✅  Creator of the FewerFasterBolder collaboration approach

✅  Facilitated 6,000 + sessions

✅  18 years pioneering new ways to collaborate

✅  PhD in meetings from Cambridge University

✅  Background in: Agile, Unconference and self-organising teams

What you can expect to achieve at Meeting Pioneers

Two coloured blobs

30% reduction in meeting load

You will rebalance diaries so meetings don't exhaust your people and squeeze out deep work.

90% of meetings drive real progress 

Studies show only 50% of meeting time is valuable. Meeting Pioneers will take this to 90%.

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Massive drop in stress and burnout

From back-to-back meetings and frustrating group dynamics to a diary that flows and more trust & goodwill.

We need this. What next?

How does the programme work?


Over the 12 weeks, we'll start with a cohort of your organisation, designing and experimenting with new ways of meeting and collaborating. We'll set in motion a snowball effect and I'll show you how to scale and systematise this across the whole organisation after the programme has finished. 

Meeting Pioneers is thoughtfully and carefully designed provide everything you need to succeed - from playbooks to project plans to internal comms resources.

A five-module roadmap

Each module comprises a self-paced package of content, followed by a live workshop with me, Dr Carrie Goucher, and your peers.

I'll walk you though a powerful roadmap to make changes, learn what works, create social proof and start a snowball effect.

Partner with Carrie 1:1 between modules 

We'll work together throughout via 1:1 sessions so we can address your specific meeting challenges in detail.

Plus unlimited Q&A via group chat with Carrie and your cohort members.

Changemaker toolkit

Tools, resources and templates to kickstart change - ready to customise:

- comms plan and content
- meeting playbook template
- examples and templates for everything discussed in the live sessions

Praise for FewerFasterBolder

‚ÄúIt was a really engaging programme, delivered fantastically well, with so much to think about!‚Ä̬†
"Meetings are such a challenge for us and this was the most useful programme I have attended in 20 years..."
"The sessions were excellent. Carrie delivered a well paced course with helpful material and links to use. Would definitely recommend."
Get on the wait list for January 2024

Get on the wait list for January 2024

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