You don't need to fix anyone in meetings


Leaders, how’s your coaching?

There is no more powerful place to develop your coaching leadership style* than in a meeting.

What you say and do in a group is multiplied and witnessed by others.

In the next meeting when you want to play the role of coach, not ‘manager’:

🌿 Hold people as whole and resourceful.

🌿 They don’t need fixing, checking or rescuing.

Here are my three favourite coaching questions to use in meetings and I would absolutely love to hear yours in the comments.

Help them set the bar sky high: “What would GREAT look like here?”

Coach don’t play: “How can I best support you?”

It's not a fireside chat: “How would you like to be held accountable?”

Coaching will transform your meetings and the FewerFasterBolder e-course goes biiiig on coaching in meetings.

*A coaching leader supports and develops their teams to find solutions for themselves.




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