Shopify axed all their meetings - should you?

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“Shopify axe meetings with more than two people.”

Should you?

Actually the headline is misleading. They axed recurring meetings for 2 weeks and then put back only the ones that felt totally necessary.

My view? A thumbs up from me. A smart and engaging way to hit the reset button.

A "radical liberation".

Should you do something like this?

For sure, meeting load has got out of touch with reality.

Meetings themselves are not bad. Bad meetings are bad.

The evidence shows that when people have fewer meetings, all metrics improve.

Perception of productivity and satisfaction go up. Stress and feeling micro managed goes down. 

The “Fewer” in FewerFasterBolder is very important and it comes first. Until you have a lower meeting load, it’s hard to find time to improve the meetings you do have.

We need to have fewer meetings (or shorter) and to get them working much harder for us. They need to work as hard as we are working the rest of the time to make room for them!

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