You might be thinking about meetings the wrong way...

leadership mindset

When we work on leadership, we expect to go deep, reflect, explore ourselves and others.

I’m not sure people have the same expectation about meetings. They want ‘tips’.

And yet meetings ARE leadership. Meetings are culture. Meetings are power dynamics played out in public. Meetings are where business-changing trade offs are made. Meetings are where commitment and trust are built and destroyed. Meetings tell us what matters and what doesn’t.

Meetings are a theatre for leadership and culture.

My constant wrestle with is how to balance:

  1. Going deep enough and talking about what matters in meetings

  2. Keeping learning focused on small things people can use straight away when they’re already busy

Action and learning are a partnership so without being able to take action, there is little true learning. This is hard to do with 'tips'.

Why don’t we take meetings more seriously as a stage for development?



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