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You might be thinking about meetings the wrong way...

When we work on leadership, we expect to go deep, reflect, explore ourselves and others.

I’m not sure people have the same expectation about meetings....

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Collaborative organisations - not just more, but different...

If you’re going to lead better meetings, I need to shake the foundations under your feet.

Here goes.

Though there are MANY expressions of how...

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Don't mistake informality for psychological safety

Leaders confuse informality with distributed power. Not the same.

“Ohhhh, we all say what we think in this team”

“There’s no...

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Three questions to reset how you meet

10 years ago, I was too 'scared' to ask people how a meeting I was leading went.

Let's not open that can of worms.

We all did our best. We're all so, so...

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Why it's so hard to change meeting culture

Meeting patterns have worn a DEEP groove into our corporate psyche.

If you’ve tried to improve your meeting culture and not managed to make a big dent,...

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Friend, I see you in back to back meetings all day

I see you in back-to-back meetings all day.

I see you hello!-ing and how-are-you?-ing on the hour, every hour.

I see you starting the meeting. But not really...

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Why you shouldn't go to the same meetings as your direct reports

Start the week by getting out of your team's way.

If you’re invited to the same meeting as someone who reports to you, ask yourself:

Why am I...

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Did you know there are two types of conflict - one good, one bad?

I don’t really like conflict.

It makes me feel a bit sick, especially in meetings where any disagreement is played out in full view of everyone.


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Handling elephants in the (meeting) room

When trust is shaky, there is a simple, high integrity way to develop it.

Most people don’t do it.

Here it is, with four examples.

When you meet with...

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A conversation pattern for turning bad conflict into good conflict

Few of us enjoy having a tense stand off in a meeting. It's exhausting. It slows work down. It makes teams perform poorly.

But here's the thing.


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Understanding tribal behaviour at work will change your life

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Tribes are how human society formed to survive safely in a dangerous...

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