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Reset your meetings by piggybacking on a 'moment of change'

Meetings have a habit of resisting improvement. They ping back like an elastic band.

But there are moments in time when people are open to change.

And one of...

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We're innovating the wrong meetings

A lot of innovation in meetings focuses on innovation meetings.

Most of the meetings people actually spend their working life in are much more mundane.


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My journey to creating FewerFasterBolder...

10 years ago I was absolutely swamped with meetings.

I didn’t really have a clue how to make any of them properly support what me and my team were...

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Why it's so hard to change meeting culture

Meeting patterns have worn a DEEP groove into our corporate psyche.

If you’ve tried to improve your meeting culture and not managed to make a big dent,...

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Understanding tribal behaviour at work will change your life

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Tribes are how human society formed to survive safely in a dangerous...

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