Reset your meetings by piggybacking on a 'moment of change'

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Meetings have a habit of resisting improvement. They ping back like an elastic band.

But there are moments in time when people are open to change.

And one of these is the ‘fresh start effect’ - a term coined by behavioural economist, Katy Milkman, whose studies reveal why Google employees were more likely to start saving for a pension at milestone moments.

Those moments where one chapter ends and another begins.

When it’s worth changing something because there is a turn of the page anyway. A new beginning. A chance for a fresh identity.

This fresh start could be the start of the year for your team meetings.

It could be the start of a project.

It could be the start of the new financial year for your whole company.

You could say something like:

“We have some really important goals for 2023. It feels like a good time to think about how we can have our meetings work harder for us.”

Here is Sam Davies’ article that summarises the fresh start effect.

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