Capture FULL value at the end of a meeting - without just noting down actions

scaffolding techniques

Here are 8 great questions I ask all the time.

The end of a meeting is juicy opportunity to capture and transfer value.

And to create a clear, committed, trust-filled vibe.

Yes we want to list out actions. But here are some way better questions that do more for you, your team and your work.


The basics

What have we decided today?

What happens next?


And a handful of questions to get wayyyy more

Excavate more value:

Is there anything you thought we’d cover that we didn’t?


Learn what worked:

What is the most valuable thing we’ve done in this session?
What’s the most useful insight you’ve heard today?

Turn blue sky into action:

What small next step would help us move forward?


Communicate the value:

Who do we need to tell about what we’ve decided today?


Keep it moving:

How will we keep this conversation going?



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