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Three questions to reset how you meet

10 years ago, I was too 'scared' to ask people how a meeting I was leading went.

Let's not open that can of worms.

We all did our best. We're all so, so...

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Capture FULL value at the end of a meeting - without just noting down actions

Here are 8 great questions I ask all the time.

The end of a meeting is juicy opportunity to capture and transfer value.

And to create a clear, committed,...

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How can we give people a fair swap for their time in meetings?

My research shows that people want ‘a fair swap’ when they go to a meeting.

Crucially relative to the time they give up and the cognitive effort...

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Most meetings need a bit of scaffolding

Stop winging it. Start scaffolding.

With zero structure, meetings become circular, inefficient or dominated by a handful of people.

With too much structure,...

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Three go-to 'scaffolds' that sharpen any meeting

May I introduce you to scaffolding? Supportive rules that underpin faster, bolder meetings...

Part of reason some meetings are frustrating,...

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