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Three questions to reset how you meet

10 years ago, I was too 'scared' to ask people how a meeting I was leading went.

Let's not open that can of worms.

We all did our best. We're all so, so...

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Capture FULL value at the end of a meeting - without just noting down actions

Here are 8 great questions I ask all the time.

The end of a meeting is juicy opportunity to capture and transfer value.

And to create a clear, committed,...

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How can we give people a fair swap for their time in meetings?

My research shows that people want ‘a fair swap’ when they go to a meeting.

Crucially relative to the time they give up and the cognitive effort...

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Why you shouldn't go to the same meetings as your direct reports

Start the week by getting out of your team's way.

If you’re invited to the same meeting as someone who reports to you, ask yourself:

Why am I...

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Did you know there are two types of conflict - one good, one bad?

I don’t really like conflict.

It makes me feel a bit sick, especially in meetings where any disagreement is played out in full view of everyone.


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Improve something about a meeting in 60 seconds

If one thing in one meeting is annoying you…

~ Wait, ONE thing? ~

One thing for now.

The simplest, lowest friction way to change is just to reflect on...

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Handling elephants in the (meeting) room

When trust is shaky, there is a simple, high integrity way to develop it.

Most people don’t do it.

Here it is, with four examples.

When you meet with...

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A conversation pattern for turning bad conflict into good conflict

Few of us enjoy having a tense stand off in a meeting. It's exhausting. It slows work down. It makes teams perform poorly.

But here's the thing.


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