Handling elephants in the (meeting) room

leadership techniques

When trust is shaky, there is a simple, high integrity way to develop it.

Most people don’t do it.

Here it is, with four examples.

When you meet with people and there is this:

🔥 Something frustrating people that you can’t do anything about in this session

🔥 The belief that something has been done wrong

🔥 Powerful feelings that a course of action has created

🔥 The negative impact that something will have or is having

🔥 The perception that something that is complex is being portrayed as black and white



~~ Don’t persuade. Voice reality. ~~

The more you try and sell an idea or act as if ‘everything is awesome’
The more you try to head off reality with positivity.
The wider the gap between you and your audience becomes.

When you show you understand reality, the gap disappears.

The thing is, if people feel you don’t share the same reality, they can’t hear anything else you say and they won’t bring best contribution.

It’s on you to show that you understand with your words.



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