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Reset your meetings by piggybacking on a 'moment of change'

Meetings have a habit of resisting improvement. They ping back like an elastic band.

But there are moments in time when people are open to change.

And one of...

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Collaborative organisations - not just more, but different...

If you’re going to lead better meetings, I need to shake the foundations under your feet.

Here goes.

Though there are MANY expressions of how...

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We're innovating the wrong meetings

A lot of innovation in meetings focuses on innovation meetings.

Most of the meetings people actually spend their working life in are much more mundane.


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My journey to creating FewerFasterBolder...

10 years ago I was absolutely swamped with meetings.

I didn’t really have a clue how to make any of them properly support what me and my team were...

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Why it's so hard to change meeting culture

Meeting patterns have worn a DEEP groove into our corporate psyche.

If you’ve tried to improve your meeting culture and not managed to make a big dent,...

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Most meetings need a bit of scaffolding

Stop winging it. Start scaffolding.

With zero structure, meetings become circular, inefficient or dominated by a handful of people.

With too much structure,...

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Friend, I see you in back to back meetings all day

I see you in back-to-back meetings all day.

I see you hello!-ing and how-are-you?-ing on the hour, every hour.

I see you starting the meeting. But not really...

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Why you shouldn't go to the same meetings as your direct reports

Start the week by getting out of your team's way.

If you’re invited to the same meeting as someone who reports to you, ask yourself:

Why am I...

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Understanding tribal behaviour at work will change your life

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Tribes are how human society formed to survive safely in a dangerous...

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