Three questions to reset how you meet

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10 years ago, I was too 'scared' to ask people how a meeting I was leading went.

Let's not open that can of worms.

We all did our best. We're all so, so busy. Of course I would have run it better if I'd had a nano-second more time to think in the day!

Let's just keep moving on.

Now I ask almost every time. I learn SO much.

I find people are generally honest, constructive and supportive.

I find people almost ALWAYS see it differently to how I thought - not better or worse, just 'Ohhh, you got THAT from that - wow, who knew?!'

My favourite way is to ask people to drop thoughts on three question in the chat before they leave.


The questions are:

🤔 1-10, how hugely valuable was this meeting?

(strongly positive and informal language deliberate)


🤔 What was the most useful thing that happened?


🤔 What would improve this meeting this time / another time?


Where could you ask those questions this week?

Challenge yourself. Open the can of worms.

Come back and tell me what you learnt.



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