Why you shouldn't go to the same meetings as your direct reports

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Start the week by getting out of your team's way.

If you’re invited to the same meeting as someone who reports to you, ask yourself:

Why am I going?

Unless you and your team member are contributing in a separate technical domains, consider not going.

👉  Not going says “I trust you, I’ve got your back”

👉  Not going says “You’re the expert”

👉  Not going says “You’re responsible”

👉  Not going says “Let’s not waste our team’s time budget unnecessarily”


Make it a coaching opportunity - not an abdication

Tell them you’re not going in plenty of time so they can prepare

Tell them yourself, don’t just decline the invite

Offering support before and after creates a coaching opportunity. A plan-do-learn cycle. We want more of these!

If you try this (or more of this), let me know how you get on.

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